Tieny Mieny – hardcore defloration

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It’s been just a few days from my solo casting video in which I had shown proof of my virginity. Even though I felt awkward at first, it was an eye opener for me. I am 18 years old and wanted to have my hymen broken by a professional in front of the camera. I am too shy to make a move with boys on my own.
I had spoken of my desire to the producer who introduced me to some boys. I really felt comfortable with Artem. Maybe secretly I also fell in love with me but I am not sure . I was asked to come to the studio today. I was extremely nervous as I am very scared of pain. I had heard so many stories about losing of virginity that I was trembling inside. I hoped that Artem would be strong enough to do it well for me. To reassure me, a warm oil massage was given to me in the studio. My body felt relaxed and calmed down a bit. As the masseur rubbed my teenage boobs with oil, I felt excitement coming into my body.
Later, sitting down in front of the camera, the producer spoke to me and reassured me that I could stop whenever I want to. I knew what was going to happen and in fact, I was looking forward to seeing Artem again. When he came in, I was blushing. I was so happy that it was he who will make me a woman. His hands pressed mine, looking at me all the time and reassuring me before we started. I was ready. As he took down my pants to check my untouched hymen, I trembled both with excitement as well as nervousness! This is the first time I was so close to a boy!! His lips kissed my teenage virgin shaved pussy and his tongue played with the lips of my teenage vagina making me shake!! Wow! I felt warm in my stomach and wanted to scream to him to take me.
When he took his pants down, I was totally unprepared for his dick. It was huge!! I had seen a penis earlier though not in real life but I did not realize it would be like this. I licked and sucked on it, and it suddenly grew and stood straight. His balls were very tempting. I wanted to hold them in my hand and caress them but I was too timid. How will this big cock fit inside me? Dear god, I was very scared then. I hoped he knew what he was doing. I enjoyed sucking on it. The cock had a very peculiar taste but I did not dislike it. In fact I felt sensuous. My top went off and I was very conscious of my teenage tits suddenly visible. I wanted him to bite on them, squeeze them but at the same time felt extremely shy. As his lips gently sucked on them, my nipples started to come alive. My virgin pussy felt alive and I was hot. It was fantastic. My teenage breasts were bigger than most of my friends and I always feel shy about them. The producer said my boobs were beautiful but I am not sure. Maybe Artem would not like them. I loved his lips on them and became bold enough to let him do whatever he wanted.
It was now time for the big moment. I could feel his huge cock pushing against my warm teenage vagina. My legs were spread but I could not completely relax because of fear. As his big dick entered me and pushed against my hymen, the lips of my labia had strange feeling. It felt wet. Maybe because his cock was so big, it hurt me and for a few seconds, I asked him to stop. I needed a couple of seconds to relax. When I calmed down, we continued and this time it was very different. I lifted my feet and bent my knees. This made it easier for him to penetrate. His enormous penis pushed against my unbroken hymen. His fingers too kept teasing the bottom of my vagina. Again and again he came in and out and finally it tore! The pain too did not last and I wished he could keep pumping inside me with his thick cock. I really enjoyed the sensation now. The producer gave us the signal to stop and with a sigh we separated. I was a woman now!! I am on the lookout for a boyfriend now. Maybe Artem will be the one. His huge dick is something I wish to get friendly with, in private. I want to suck on it and made him cum while he touches my teenage boobs. I wish this dream comes true soon!

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