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Elsa, Hollie and their stepmom just got back and were talking amongst themselves about girly things. The girls told their stepmom they were gonna stay up all night when they had their first day of school the next day. Their stepmom told them if they went to bed early she would take them shopping. While they were talking and getting dress into their new PJs, their stepdad got his camera and spied on them! But thats not all he did, he snuck into the room and felt Elsa up, telling her to suck his cock! She got really into it and then he returned the favor by eating her 18 year old pussy! Next it was Hollie’s turn, who swallowed his meat before he filled her tight twat up! All while their stepmom was next to them! Hollies stepdad finally dropped his load all over her mouth and not tell anyone!

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