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Hey, I’m Nina Winslet and I’m 18 years old and I am still a virgin, believe or not, after hearing my story and reading how my sexual life came to life! Ever since my childhood, my real father has left our family and as a consequence of this my mother, after being lonely for such a long time and satisfying herself only by some toys and masturbations during the night while watching porn pretty loud to make me hear them and start wondering about them and getting my own interests, which she was trying to hide from me, but I could still hear everything! She made me the girl I am today and how much I want lose my virginity already, but that is still a bit different though, you’ll understand why just in a minute. One day, she brought home her new boyfriend and he seemed cool and she was dating him for a about a year and a half and she left him because he was also sleeping with other women and this broke her heart more, she then became depressed again and wasn’t dating anyone, until one day when me and her were out on the beach and she fell in love on the first sight with a dude who was coming out of the water, to me he looked strange, because his chest was very hairy, but at the same time he had some nice muscles and he was bald! I wasn’t sure if she should really go for him, but she did and got his number too, also she accepted his invite to a fancy restaurant-bar! That night she went there and spent her entire time with him, but before that she got in the bathroom, preparing herself for the dinner and for the night with him as she was really dried out from no sex for what it felt a lifetime. She went and bought new clothes and took me to help her chose her lingerie at Victoria Secret, when she tried them on even I got wet and told her that to her face, without caring, for which she replied that she’ll deal with me after her night.. That got me excited very much in a way… I had a thought that she meant it in a bad way, but I knew I can make for out in own benefit later! I couldn’t even see how fast the time flew by and they were living together and he started to creep on me, specially when I was showering or taking a bath, he would always look at me. And one time Vlad came to the living room where I was sitting on the sofa and watching my favourite tv-show and he was being creepy and sexual towards me, as my mother wasn’t home at this time. She actually left to visit her mom that day for a few days and told Vlad to watch over me… I thought it will be fine and he won’t even care about me.. He sat down next to me and started hug me and touch my body a lot. I didn’t like it and ran away to the bathroom and cried. Then I got out and ran to my room to lay down and relax. First it really felt like I wasn’t chased by him, but then he jumped out of the curtains… I noticed something at first and it was his heavy breathing, he was about to cum and as I was to check he jumped out and came all over my tits and face! Some cum even got inside my mouth and I swallowed it all by a mistake from being scared! Then as I was about to scream to my mom, who wasn’t even home, he held down my mouth while his huge cock got in-between my tits and told me that if ever tell her anything about this or anything that will happen in the future, he will fuck me super hard in front of a mirror and then fuck my mom in front of me and she faints from squirting and tie me to the chair naked so I could watch him doing that. I was very scared and could never tell my mom about it. Then he started to offer me money for sex because I was looking so hot and horny all the time, wearing my orange lingerie around the house or my pinkish reddish pyjamas as well revealing clothes. But even then I still didn’t lose hope to date guys and find someone who would understand me and be with me through all the hard times and would support me in anything! But this guy, he got so much on my nerves that with offers to pay me for sex that I decided to take a train to another city away from home. When I got home and someone had to pick me up I still had some hope in Vlad and called him to pick me up. I was totally wrong as fast as I got inside the car he told me that he’ll get me some extra spending cash if I suck him in the car and more if I swallow… I got out like the flash and caught an Uber! Went home and got out to my balcony to sunbathe and to smoke some cigarettes because it was still a beautiful day with lots of sunshines and hot temperature. I made myself a cocktail and enjoyed it till night, by adding more and more. I was thinking of me finally finding soon someone in my other town with whom I can lose my virginity and start a daily with at least three kids and maybe even move to another country. Till now all my relationships or well better say closures ended at the part when someone tried to fuck me or get extremely sexual with me. Also I like to spend my free time with friends in bigger groups and there speak to guys, so they won’t try to get the best of me, specially on parties. Then I went sleeping. Somehow during the same week an idea came to my mind, I was getting 18 soon and I decided to find an erotical porn studio and go there to cast and perhaps lose my virginity as well later on and wait until I can do with a professional. Maybe even register and make an Onlyfans account. I got called in and did my shootings in different and interesting locations, it was literally one of the best experiences in my life and I finally felt more free that I can do anything I want in life, besides my creepy insisting stepdad.. I was always a type of girl who would pose naked in her room and anywhere I could find, I did say this already and I’m gonna say it again, this makes me feel free in life even if lasts a few minutes and also sleep naked. I also always kept my pussy either trimmed or totally shaved and I was told to come to the first shooting completely shaved and I liked it a lot! I also love and enjoy masturbating, so this makes it way easier and much more enjoyable to do, when my pussy is fully shaved! This studio made me feel like I’m really needed in life. Specially when I had professional make-up artists working on me before the shooting and how the lingerie and clothes were chosen for the video. The rest of my story continues later after a few days, for which I kept my virginity and lost here at the Defloration studio as well. To know how, wait and find it out yourself.
I have a younger sister, her name is Megan Winslet. We also had some passionate and wild sex, you know, like it happens sometimes between sisters – girls.. But we agreed not to tell this to anyone yet.

Hello and welcome back! Today is the day when I am going to lose my virginity! I am super excited and I couldn’t wait for this moment to happen finally! Or did I it already happen? Well, by the time you’re reading this, it did and it was fantastic!
A veery handsome guy with muscles, good humour and with great enthusiasm took care of this and it was an absolutely fantastic experience and all the poses he showed me and taught me is truly satisfying and unforgettable! I did my casting with the studio, except I didn’t want to be on the video as it was too much for one day, but then the next day which is today I am ready to be there and I have to be on the video in order for you to see how the whole process was! What isn’t there is this.. I arrived at the studio and nobody was there except the producer who came five minutes earlier as I arrived. He wasn’t late, I was the one who got a bit nervous and decided to come way earlier as planned. So I smoked almost a pack of cigarettes and drank around 3 or 4 coffees until it was time. But even then it wasn’t all so easy.. I went showering and then I didn’t notice how the door got ajar. Not until the moment I got out of the shower. I was told then that it was the actor whom I chose for losing my virginity looking at me and preparing his dick to be stiff and ready once we go to bed with him. I dressed up really sexy and went straight ahead to the bed where he was waiting for me. We got introduced to one another and we didn’t speak much as we just continued with the flow and got to making out right away and further on. By one moment we both were naked and I didn’t even notice how it happened so fast! One minute he was kissing my tits and the next thing you know his fingers are on your clit and they are rubbing your clit back and forth and the pussy is getting super wet and your body is slightly shimmering. Then he laid me on my back and checked if my hymen was still intact and safe, so he could break it with huge penis then he began kissing me all the way down till he reached my pussy then looked at me smiling and continued with full passion to lick it! After some time which has felt like an eternity to me, he reached to me and told me to seat down for him on the edge of the bed. I knew what would happen and I wasn’t really ready to take it deep inside my throat. What I didn’t know was how big it was, way bigger and wider as it seemed at first. I sucked him off really good and sloppy even held it in my hand afterwards and stroked it while we were standing and making out with him! After a little while, he turned me around with passion and slightly bent me over, but just a tiny bit, because my perfectly shaped ass was really pushing against him and he easily enter my tight little virgin pussy this way! Then at one point which felt perfect for the both of us, he slid it in, really deep and kept it there for a while and told me not to move as this is how the process goes. I was scared, but I did believe him, and tried to act normal even though it was hurting me a lot at that moment. Then he continued to fuck me in this pose until he felt like I might be interested in some other poses too!! He told me to get down on my knees again and I was ready to take it back into my mouth, but instead he put me in the doggy pose and continued to fuck me. This pose just made it so much better and more interesting and I enjoyed it with a huge passion while being drilled by a huge cock of a professional pornstar. At the end he took it out and came on top of my ass and she cum was dripping down on my pussy even, by that time I already reached my second orgasm and probably couldn’t take on a third one. I was glad that I could lose my virginity at such an amazing place with such amazing support from the producer as well the pornstar. Big thanks to for this life changing opportunity! I hope that everyone has enjoyed watching me losing my virginity and got the full insight on this amazing virginity loss experience!

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