Mila Lukoshkina – hardcore defloration

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Hi. My name is Mila Lukoshkina. I’m from Belarus. Perhaps you already know that the rules in my country are very strict, and making of any erotic production is strictly prohibited. That’s why with barely any posing experience I arrived to Hungary. Not so long ago I became 18 and now I feel total freedom. First thing I thought of is that now I can legally have sex 🙂 I always speak about sex with my girl-friends and watch porn sites in the evening. At first it looked all weird and unusual, but then it got interested and even made us excited. Me and my best friend are virgins. Although we had “erotic moments” in our lives like all girls. After that you can only think about sex, and that makes you really horny 🙂 When I was practising professional underwater swimming, my coach used to love to hold me on hands and show how to swim. We also spoke a lot in the pool while he was holding me on his hands, and my virgin pussy was touching his palm!! Yes, yes.. In water everyone is very light, so I could easily seat on his hand. This has always made me horny, because of his strong manly hands! Once I noticed that his cock got hard and was pointing out of his swimming shorts. You have no idea how much I enjoyed doing this to him.. By this moment I already knew much about an erection. I was 16 at the time, and my will to have sex was huge already! After swimming I ran to the bathroom and masturbated there while imagining his strong masculine hand playing with my pussy. If he would get stubborn and would wanna fuck me in the pool I wouldn’t stop him from doing that. But he was afraid that I was only 16.. Damn!!! For example by bestie had similar moments with her gymnastics coach. But it also ended only on him grabbing her everywhere. Me and her really enjoy making out naked in the bed. We are caressing each other and telling such perverted stories to one another. Not so long ago we have found a website, where they pay good money for virgin girls to pose naked. We have decided that I’ll go first to check it all out 🙂 If everything goes as planned, she will join later too. I was offered to do a virgin casting as well losing my virginity on camera. Of course, I said – yes!

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