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Hi, my name is Marfa Pushkina and I’m 18 years old! I grew up in Russia, Moscow. I always loved to travel around and try all types of different national traditions like food or clothing or their national songs, but especially food! Of all countries I’ve been to, I loved Scotland the most! My dad had his own business and my mother was always helping him with it. So, technically my parents never had to ask anyone for a certain vacation time and we could just travel around at any time of the year, with a few laptops and that’s all! I loved this about my family. And I was very grateful not only for this, but for two more things.. One was that I was awaiting another baby and it was supposed to be a girl, so I could have a younger sister to look out to. The second is that the business was going very well and we were living in a house with a huge garden and even had a small lake with a bridge on it. On my 9th birthday I got a very interesting surprise.. My parents brought me a box and when I was about to open it, it started to move around and I got a bit scared. Once I got enough courage to open it and the little dog jumped out and it was my most favorite dog ever! It was a three months old Skye Terrier! So … In a few months, we had to travel and I took my dog with me on the trip. We went to Scotland and that’s when for the first time in my life I started to wear skirts and I do till now, which is great, but still weird, as I wasn’t used to wearing something for a long period of time. I even bought some of that Scottish material for clothes and made a dog suit for my dog, so that we could match. My mom used to tell me that she never met anyone in her life, who could wear skirts more than me, as I had the most beautiful legs in the world, and that made me blush, at the same time I knew that I had them! My father was always convincing me to start going for photoshoots and to become a model, but I always refused as I knew that without having sex with someone it wouldn’t really work out for me. Also. I’m a shy girl, but not too much! I love hanging out with people, but in the moments, when I hung out with a few guys and they took off their shirts in front of me at home, when we stayed alone and wanted me to do as well, it literally took them an hour to connivance me to follow them. Even then, only in the complete darkness. After around a year, my shyness got less and it became super easy to convince me to do almost anything, except of course for sex or anything like it.. I really love modeling and posing for myself or the mirror or even for my very old video camera that I have at home! This is everything I need to be happy honestly, just dress up in some clothes no matter sexy or casual, or even get naked and look at my perfect body for hours and then get wet from it.. Nonetheless I still haven’t dated a single guy and never had any type of sexual intercourse with anyone, except for myself and my lovely hand! I’m a type of girl that likes teasing you and no matter who you are, a girl or a boy. Once me and a girl, a hot blonde that I just met at my new fitness where I signed up for. The girl who actually worked there as a coach, hooked up right away during our first session. That’s a story you might enjoy hearing! I wanted to have a better looking ass so that all boys would break their necks when I walk outside on the streets of Moscow in downtown in some leather pants or some tight fitness pants. So, there was an exercise where I had to do squats and one other to strengthen my thighs.. I asked her at one point to hold my ass in some exercises to feel it and tell me if I’m doing it right. You won’t believe how wet I got the moment she grabbed my ass. I still wouldn’t call it sexual contact as she didn’t do anything with her hand inside or on my ass or pussy naked.. She was a 18 years old, petite looking super fit with big tits and blonde hair looking babe. And I wanted her to become my babe and she did, but only for sleepovers and making out, this is my little secret that nobody knows about. Well at-least until now. As I mentioned before I was hooking up with some guys and you should know that I’m a very easily trusting person, I think I must be lucky for this. Even with this sexy babe I hooked up with, and then her daddy too, but also no sexual just when he took me horse riding I was enjoying every bit of it, especially how the seat was rubbing against my pussy and when I was climbing down from the horse, her dad grabbed me by my ass and helped me down. This has made me really wet and able to masturbate all night long, while keeping the physical sexual contact of others away from me. I think I make the impression on people to trust me easily as well! Not so long ago, I turned 18 years old and now it has come to my mind that maybe I should try something new and where I can be easily open minded, but also play and tease some people. The first thing that came to my mind was porn, so I searched and I found a perfect studio, I watched some of their videos and the voice of the producer made me extremely wet, so I texted them and told them that I would like to start my model or well a pornstar career. I sent in my pictures and videos, and it hasn’t been an hour as they called me and told me that a world famous producer from would like me to be in his videos. I immediately agreed and now I’m here, doing my virgin casting and perhaps even something else.. Well, most definitely I will come back for more as I felt amazing here and got everything that I could dream of and even teased the producer with my phenomenal body and replies. The next day I came in here for masturbation and I gotta say, that it was a fun and tempting experience and I definitely want more!

Hi and I am back to finally say goodbye to my virginity with the perfect and handsome man who has come today to do so with me. He is a professional actor that the studio has provided me with and he must do everything as smooth as it possibly can get! We both arrived at the same time to the studio and we spoke and had a cup of tea, then we went to the bed and after just a few sentences he kissed me on my lips and kissed him and it was really joyful! He began undressing me by taking my t-shirt off and I didn’t want to stop, rather just let him do what he does best! He kissed me a few more times and it was a passionate tongue kissing for a long time, what felt like forever! He then pushed me down on the bed and he was on top of me kissing me slowly everywhere … It was time when I got fully naked and he decided to see for himself and make sure that he was going to take a real virgins virginity away by breaking her hymen. I gave him this opportunity with full pleasure. After he made sure and was happy looking at me with a huge smile he decided to take his cock out and push inside my mouth and throat until I couldn’t really breath anymore… And now the fact that it will also be inside my mouth hand and pussy made me wanna cum rally badly..! I was stoking his penis with a passion and then sucked him off really good, I hope he has enjoyed it, I mean what guy wouldn’t, after you see how cute and sexy I am. He just asked me to play with it with my mouth and gave him the best experience ever, or at least I hope that he won’t forget me.. I even asked him if I was doing good and he said yes and closed his eyes from pleasure. While sucking him, he kissed my lips a bit and told me that it’s the moment it felt incredible and I was my own thoughts, just like I was at home while watching him doing it to other girls. I didn’t want him to stop and kept his head there and almost came, but then he stopped and pushed his huge cock against my tight virgin small shaved pussy while I was laying sideways and it made my pussy very tight this way and then penetrated it without telling me to prepare for it mentally. I guess it was for the best as I dint except it and it didn’t hurt much at all. I was only sad that he was fucking me the entire time almost in the same pose and hasn’t really changed it up. Honestly I dreamed about riding his cock and letting him cum inside me, but as you see it did not happen.. The riding him pose did not happen.. But I did manage to get him on top of me and empty himself out in me this way. We both came at once and it was incredible! Now as a real woman I have all the types of pleasure opened to me and I wanna become as professional as the pornstars and I have all time in the world to fulfill my dirty thoughts.

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