Jina Hajkina – hardcore defloration

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I’m Jina. I’m 18 and I’m from Budapest (Hungary).

My sexual experience began at a very early age. No, I’m still a virgin!
But I love to play with my pussy.. My first masturbation was when I was 14. I just came home from school and was doing my homework. My hand was constantly in my panties and was caressing my pussy, as it was very arousing.
But today I felt that I have completely different feeling , more strong and unusual.. I leaned back on the chair and began to caress my clit more and more. My muscles have begun to get sore and something unusual has happened!
I got my first virgin orgasm! After this moment I have waited every single day to stay home alone again 🙂
Once back at school I had a moment where I could lose my virginity. I went to the closet to wash my face. I was followed in by a boy, who really like me. He hugged me from behind and kissed my neck. After this his hand reached down and grabbed my pubis! This parallelized me.. He bent me over and took down my panties. My head was exploding from excitement!! But I wanted continuation!!! But someone has knocked on the door and the guy hid inside the toilet cabin and I ran away to the class. That’s how I kept my virginity 🙂 My girlfriends said always that I’m beautiful and told me to become a model. In addition they have found me a website called defloration.com where they work with virgins only! Now I’m here 🙂

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