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The criminal grandfather and the virgin granddaughter.
Hi, my name is Anna Sanglante. I’m already 20 years old, yet still a virgin. Well, it is a though story that has happened to me in my childhood and ever since then I’m not speaking to any men, not seeking any attention from them. So, my story starts with when I was around ten years old or even ten to thirteen, I can’t remember the exact age, because I have almost erased this moment out of my life. But, I still can’t fully get away from it. One evening, a wonderful evening, as it started anyways, I had a dinner with my parents and my grandfather who was over at our place, and then my mother stayed in the kitchen washing dishes and my father went to his room for some business calls . I was in the living room alone watching tv. My grandfather was sneaking up and watching me beside the door and I thought he was just looking at me, as he’s getting older and wants to spend more time with me. But, as it turned out, I was completely wrong about it. So I was just sitting there and minding my own business, he came close to me and sit down on the couch beside me. Then suddenly his hand got around my neck and landed on the shoulder. It was still all right until this moment, because he was my grandfather and I really loved him and loved spending time with him. I did not realize that his intentions were completely wrong about this evening. His other hand landed on my tights… I was getting a little bit nervous and I had no idea what was going on and it felt completely wrong and very uncomfortable and disgusting. Everything has escalated too quickly and I had to hit him and run away. I stayed quiet though after this and I haven’t told anyone what was going on that evening. Until the day when I decided to visit my grandmother that was around a month after this event has happened. Once I asked her what was my grandfather trying to do, she explained to me that he tried to rape me. I got really scared and asked her not to tell anyone. She then called my parents, and told them what he was trying to do with me. Right away the next evening my parents came over to her house, and took me home. After sometime my grandparents got divorced, because of what he was trying to do with me. This event has changed my life completely in the worst possible way. Even before that I was a very closed up child and very antisocial and enjoyed being alone. But once this happened, my trust towards men has completely gone. In the interview I was asked if I know what was going on with him nowadays, and yes I do know because I hear my parents talking about it a lot, when I heard is that he moved to some village after him and my grandmother he got divorced. He found himself a new woman there and living his best life without us in it. But even before they got divorced and even before everything has happened between me and him or while I should say he didn’t manage to rape me but he was about to. Before all that he was already seven times at least in prison, I have no idea for what reasons. This is says really a lot about him. His criminal name under which he was known, which I found out about really unintentionally, was Miha Bazuka. I looked it up in the Internet and there are a lot of bad stories about him, this has proved why he was getting at me that night and tried to rape me. Well anyways let’s get away from this! So as I said I was a very closed up girl and I don’t even remember exactly when I even had my first kiss but I think it was the one I was 19 years old. I can’t even remember how was it because I got drunk on a party, it was a house party of some classmate. I mean it must’ve been good otherwise I wouldn’t even probably remember that I had a kiss. Also once in the ninth grade, me and my sister decided to travel to a sanatorium for some health treatments. And the first day I saw guy he was blonde and tall and looking very handsome and I really really liked him. But then again I was very afraid to make the first move, sadly there was another girl there who is looking almost exactly like me and acting like me. So she took the opportunity after seeing that I want to act first and she went to him and they ended up being together. This is another story of my life after which I completely decided not to have any reliance on men. And never fall in love ever again with any men… Because one night I saw them dancing and I’m very thankful that it was dark out there because nobody could see me crying. Although it might not be so bad, because ever since my childhood I was noticing that I’m also liking women and around them I was getting very horny and excited. Same feeling I never got with men on the other hand. It would be my real pleasure to once in my lifetime to try lesbian sex. It would be really interesting and it would bring probably some new exciting life changes into my as I think boring and unnecessary life! But even if I meet anyone ever in my life, sex wouldn’t be an important part of it, I really just want to have a kid and live my life. Returning back to when I said I like girls and women, in school or no, in college I really liked my classmates also some teachers and professors. It was probably the best feeling I was getting when you were speaking about sexual experience or anything close to it. In school specially in elementary school when I was just entering the first grade I was a very modest girl a very quiet one and this had a huge impact on my life, because no one in the class liked me for these reasons everyone was hating at me no one was speaking to me nor wanted to be friends with me. This had a huge impact on my psychological part of growing up. There was a girl who was in the beginning my friend, because she was also very modest and in many ways was like me. But she turned me into a person who wanted to commit suicide and not only her but also homeroom teacher who at one point or speaking to my mother and saying that’s me being so modest will eventually make me wanna commit a suicide. So whenever I had classes with him I actually felt like committing a suicide until further grades when he wasn’t our homeroom teacher anymore. Hopefully today on the casting everything that bothers me will eventually be gone, and I can start feeling more opened up and more happy about life and how I react to certain things! Also I really want to experience something new in life and I know for a fact that this interview will do that for me!
It is our hardest defloration that has ever been recorded by us! The process of defloration took us two days! The girl had a very stiff and strong hymen and she was in lots of pain. The video recommended only to people with strong psyche! The video is uncut and uncensored!

Hello there! I am back today after my initial casting which took place a couple of weeks ago, I hope you remember my childhood drama.. it was about my criminal grandfather who was trying to rape me and it’s really shook my psyche for my entire life ! For the longest time to my age now when I’m 18 I couldn’t be with any men and I couldn’t even look at them and of course because of this I am a virgin! But after the casting and expressing myself on the video I was sitting at home and thinking about how I can stay a virgin till the end of my life and not be able to have kids or family and this is when the thoughts are starting to come together in my head to perhaps come here and try my luck by losing my virginity with a professional! With someone who knows what he’s doing and wouldn’t hurt me and I could easily trust him unlike any other man that I could meet and he would hundred percent hurt me while taking my virginity away! When I arrive to the studio I was a very nervous girl, like any other girl who would be as afraid as I am of the first time so it’s very normal I guess! Nonetheless after a little talk with the producer she called in the actor who I got to meet before hand the day before actually, so this has eased things a lot although I haven’t seen him naked.. We were talking about it I told him that I was very scared and afraid and nervous he was trying to call me down and told me to trust him and he will do everything that he can so I wouldn’t experience such pain! I trusted him and with the end result I did the right thing for sure! As we started, you were kissing he was undressing me sucking on my tits touching them touching my ass then he decided to check my virginity and the first second he looked at it he was very surprised to see that I am a real virgin.. Just like I told everyone and since the casting nothing has changed of course.. He done immediately started licking my pussy and it was something out of this world feeling that I never experienced till now and at this moment I already knew that I was missing out a lot in the world of sex! He then told me that it’s time to move on and for me to meet his friend he took his pants down and told me to try to grab his cock and stroke it. It felt really weird and strange but it was at the same time exciting for me until the moment when he asked me to suck his cock and I knew that it was coming sooner or later and I was really preparing for this moment in my mind. I was licking it and taking it slowly in my mouth it was super huge, I even told him about it. He told me it could be small but then he wouldn’t be excited, but he really really likes me and it makes it grow super big! That’s your dad we had to move on to the next step, which was for me to lose my virginity we have tried around three poses and it was hurting really really much and I was stopping him all the time until the moment where he tried to slide it in and I screamed out loud.. So we had to stop and I wanted to leave and decided to go home even and I left! But the next day I returned and we’re trying for the second time again in the same poses we even use some special gel that gives a feeling that everything is freezing. So I wouldn’t be really feeling much of a pain makes my pussy numb. It was my idea and they supported me and I’m really thankful for this! So after trying out around for different poses he finally slid his huge cock inside my pussy and broke my hymen.. It was really hurting it was the biggest pain I have ever experienced in my life.. I didn’t know what was going on I felt like I was heating up from the inside and something bad is about to happen because of this, but he told me that he’s surely inside and he has a feeling that he’s fully inside of me. I couldn’t believe him for like 10 minutes I was asking him hundreds of questions on if he’s really inside of me if that’s it if I’m no longer a virgin. I was probably being very annoying but this is a really big deal for me, and it’s natural for me to ask all these questions. We decided that he will be moving his cock in and out slowly, really slowly, because I still had too much pain and I knew that we can’t stop there and we have to continue.. so after about another 10 minutes of him moving his cock slowly. I told him to check if I was not a virgin anymore so in the same dog style pose he’s predator my pussy lips and told me that hundred percent the Hyman is gone it was super bloody, inserted his fingers inside my pussy and I knew that for sure I was no longer a little virgin girl! He didn’t ask me if we can continue and I have agreed but only if he was going to be very slow.
Which he was of-course with lots of respect towards me! He asked me immediately to sit on him and be in the writing position but as soon as this happened I experienced even more pain and I decided to change it up and go back in the poses that we have tried before and so in this pose we managed to have orgasms at the same time he came all over me! It was definitely a different day that I will always remember, it’s always been my heart and I will definitely practice sex with my future partners because I really want to have a family and kids and for this I need to have sex! So I’m overall on really confused but also the same time happy that I took this tap and now it’s over. Especially thankful to the actor and producer for all the support that they have shown me over these couple of days!

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